Anime multiplayer brawler KurtzPel announces an update that adds a new weapon and sweeping PvP changes

Anime multiplayer brawler KurtzPel announces an update that adds a new weapon and sweeping PvP changes

The start of 2020 is signalling a new beginning for KurtzPel. A hefty update is due to arrive soon and it’s set to change a whole lot of things and maybe bring the multiplayer anime brawler back under the spotlight; readers will recall this piece of free-to-play multiplayer gaming launched into early access in April 2019 (though it didn’t initially go smoothly) and the last time we checked in was during a special sneak peek in October.

First, a new Karma weapon known as the Fallen Light will arrive. This is a ranged cannon, but unlike other ranged weapons in KurtzPel it won’t have an auto-targeting system, meaning that players will have to more directly aim their shots. There will also be changes to the game’s Karma weapon system, with increased maximum weapon growth up to level 5, reduced costs to get the Dual Soul and Sacred Guardian weapons, and new skills earned by leveling up Karma and unlocked through a new UI instead of from NPCs.

There are also a vast number of changes to PvP with the next season, such as a rewards system change that grants goodies based on the highest ranking achieved during the season, which should ease concerns about ranking down; less points deducted when losing a PvP match; a lowered number of stages needed to rank up; and the end of mode selection when matchmaking, though players will get a chance to change their weapons and skills before a match starts.

Finally, PvP mission types are changing: Official Probatio is being changed to the Challenge Mission type and features the same 2v2 fighting as before with all of the ranking system changes, while Practice Mode is now the Duel Mission type, which pits three to five players against one another with no rank decreases on a loss, though the maximum rank anyone can reach in this mode is A. There will also be new maps to accommodate 5v5 matches, as well as two new Deathmatch maps and one new Conquest map.

It’s not all PvP, though, as KurtzPel is also adding 3- to 4-player group missions and six-player daily missions for PvE players, several new items, a new currency earned by clearing missions, and a new Season Pass among many other updates. It’s all due to arrive sometime this month; complete details have been shared to the game’s Steam page.

source: press release

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