British Royal Mail commemorates classic British games like Elite with collectible stamps


Video game history and the British Royal Mail don’t seem like the kinds of things that would go together, but that’s just what has happened with the announcement of a new stamp collection that celebrates video game series and characters designed in Great Britain.

A total of twelve stamps are being released on January 21st, with four stamps marking the Tomb Raider series and eight that celebrate classic games from the ’80s and ’90s like Wipeout, Lemmings, Populous, Worms, and the most adjacent to our little part of the gaming world, the original Elite in all of its wire frame graphical glory.

Gamers interested in getting their hands on these little pieces of gaming history can pre-order them now in a variety of different collectible ways. We’re curious if people will read too deeply into the fact that Elite is a second class stamp while Lemmings and Sensible Soccer are first class.

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Aw, should be a The Hobbit in there, surely?

“Tell Thorin to go N,E,E,W,S,Up, E and unlock the door with the rusty key.”

“Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold”

Happy times.


Sensible Soccer, yet no Cannon Fodder? >__>


Bullet Teeth

Ah, Micro Machines. How I loved that game. Racing around Pool Tables & School Desks was definitely a cherished memory.

Mark Jacobs

That’s cool!

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Hehe nice to see some of those games. Original Elite was actually the first game I played on a computer it was on a 5 1/4 inch floppy backy in the heady days of pre windows when all we had was a command prompt. I spent so many hours on that game, and Docking in that game is why I have the Blue Danube song etched into my brain forever more lol.
Sensible Soccer has some memories for me too, I used to play that with my older brother, as kids it and others like it Kick Off (for example) were one of the few things we did together that didn’t involve trying to kill each other :)


Ah – original Elite on the good ol BBC B :)

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Well, at least they’re targeting an audience that may still send physical mail and knows what a “stamp” is with those older games.

Bought some stamps recently at the grocery store (they sell them and always have), much to the surprise and amazement of some younger colleagues. Made me feel way too old -_-

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

I’ll be the first to admit that whenever I have to send a physical snail mail, I check the internet to make sure I’ve got the envelope formatted correctly.

Even then I made mistakes. I put a large stamp on a letter, and I didn’t realize the bigger stamp was actually worth more than the smaller stamps XD I honestly picked it because it was a nicer stamp.


I’m guessing stamp collectors will try to buy these, some to sell on eBay later :-)


4 stamps for tomb raider?

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Sigh, see comment.

Well now I know at least send in all the things hehe