SMITE launches Season 7 on PTS and goes into more detail about the season’s new Joust map


The next season of SMITE is on its way and with it is a new Joust map for players to… well… joust on. In any case, the folks at Hi-Rez Studios would like to tell you all about it.

The Joust map nods to the latest steps forward in the overall narrative of the game, with the world tree Yggdrasil damaged by Persephone, the normally healing gemstone jade now issuing a corrupting influence, and demons rising from their slumber. As a result, the Joust map has changed from a bright and colorful location to a war-torn and dying forest.

It’s not all cosmetic changes, as the Joust map itself is seeing a totally different shape to allow for more viable gods and strategies as well as emphasize combat skill and teamwork instead of map or economy management. Speaking of economy, the new Joust map will introduce a variety of economy changes like reduced gold rewards for tower phoenixes and god kills and lowered XP rewards for minion kills, though the share bonus for XP is being increased. This should, ideally, reduce the “snowball-y” nature of Joust matches.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, then you can hop into the SMITE PTS right now to check out all that Season 7 has to offer. Just make sure you submit your feedback; it is a test, after all.


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