The Internet Historian takes a look at the fall and rise of No Man’s Sky (and reads a racy Sean Murray fanfic)

Come for the history lesson, stay for the extremely specific fantasy writing


Just how far has No Man’s Sky come since its disastrous launch? It’s one thing for someone to do all of the research on the topic, but it’s another to have it all condensed in an hour’s worth of video. Luckily, YouTuber the Internet Historian has published that video, which takes a rather amusing but earnest look at the game’s rise to grace.

If you’ve never watched a video from this particular channel, you can expect equal levels of snark, memelord nonsense, and information, but stick it out as best as you can because it does a great rundown of the game’s pivotal moments, from its lofty expectations to its various launch scandals all the way up to its current status as a brilliant piece of MMO (yeah, I said it) gaming thanks to hard work and perseverance. It’s 45 minutes of No Man’s Sky development storytime.

You probably wonder why I wrote 45 minutes instead of 54 minutes. That’s because, at that 45 minute mark, the Internet Historian takes a moment to read some literal erotic fanfiction involving an interview with Sean Murray. So you’ll either want to stop watching at that point or skip ahead to that point depending on your proclivities and whether you’re at work or not. Incidentally, Sean Murray himself is keenly aware of this part of the video and he seemed against it until the video appeared to translate into sales of the game. Welcome to the internet, folks.

source: YouTube, thanks to Bryan for the tip!

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