Demi is a free-to-play online TCG with battling pantheons and online card trading now on Kickstarter


To read the crowdfunding pitch of Demi, you’d be forgiven for thinking that card games have lost some of the plot, and if you want something done right you better do it yourself, as the axiom goes. With that in mind, we have this new free-to-play online TCG where players pit pantheons of gods against one another in a battle for supremacy and dominance.

Demi is the pet project of Chaun Farmer, who has been developing the title for over three years and at a personal cost of over $3,000. Farmer has been medically retired from the military and thus he doesn’t have the income to see his game make it to the digital world, and so his Kickstarter was born.

The object of Demi is to gain 20M followers to win, which is condensed into a winning score of 20. Decks can be built with a minimum of 30 cards up to a maximum of 60. There are several types of cards: Creature cards, which are separated into Gods, Demi-Gods, and Monsters; Prayer Cards, which offer beneficial effects for the player; Worshiper Cards, which effectively work to block monster attacks; Vain Cards, which apply negative effects on an opponent; and Titan Cards that provide field-wide boosts. Gaining followers is done by directly attacking an opponent, playing certain cards, or when God or Monster cards destroy one another; think of it like the opposite of damaging a health pool, where damage dealt increases your followers instead of lowers your opponent’s health.

The online game will feature unranked and ranked modes as well as a possible tutorial NPC to help players learn the game. Plans for a story mode are being considered as well, but that won’t be added until later. The game currently features the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian pantheons and hopes to add a new pantheon every year. Farmer promises that new pantheons won’t drastically change the game to the point that older sets will be made obsolete.

Demi will also introduce an auction house where people can sell their unwanted cards to others for Demi Gold, a paid currency which can be used for cosmetics like holographic and foil effects for cards, avatar items, and more. Speaking of the game store, players will be able to purchase card packs from the store, though those can only be purchased by winning matches and earning Silver. The estimate is 10 wins will get players enough for a new card pack.

Demi is asking for $10,000 to fund the digital game, however if it fails, Farmer has said in the email he sent to us that he will still work to fund the game himself, as it’s a personal game he’s interested in playing and finishing. You can check out more complete details on the Kickstarter as well as watch the tutorial video below, or you can simply read the rules yourself if you prefer.

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I’m surprised to hear the TCG wave hasn’t died out yet.

Kickstarter Donor

The fact that it’s an online TCG with the actual T involved makes me a bit more interested than I would be otherwise (read: not at all), so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.