Path of Exile shows off another collection of swanky player-made Hideouts and posts 3.9.2 patch notes


Home is where you Hideout in Path of Exile, and like any other system where players can build their own houses, some are just better at it than others. I mean, sure, the latest Hideout showcase is meant to instill a sense of what’s capable with Hideout creation, but all I feel is painfully inadequate.

I mean, seriously, look at the things in that video embed below. A steampunk-y sort of toxic laboratory? A celestial pirate ship complete with a variety of different little pirate islands? And check out this place called Emerald Celestial Wells, which is just as pretty as the Hideout’s name sounds. Good work to those who built these places, and also can you teach me your ways? Please?

In less envy-enducing news, the patch notes for 3.9.2 are online, and as is often the case with Path of Exile patch notes, they’re extremely detailed. There’s several Metamorph improvements, a number of fixes for the Atlas, and a number of nerfs made to the Awakener fight including lower levels, reduced damage, and the end of storm spawns near the arena entrance. The team at Grinding Gear Games is aware of an issue with stairs in the Awakener fight and are hoping to include a fix in the update, but it may be delayed in a follow-up patch.

Source: Patch notes, hideouts. Cheers, BalsBigBrother!