Dragon Raja is a mobile MMO set in a sci-fi open world threatened by dragons


Dragons have awakened, and only a bunch of teenagers can stop them. Wait, don’t close the browser window just yet! I still want to tell you about Dragon Raja, an upcoming mobile MMO — stay put, please — with an anime style — hey, no, wait — that promises an open world and gameplay akin to full PC MMOs. Are you still there? OK, good, because here’s what’s going on with this one.

Don’t confuse this one with Dragon Raja 2; thisĀ Dragon Raja lets players take up one of four classes and join a group of characters known as Hybrids to take on the dragons that used to rule the world. Gameplay is powered by UE4 and takes place in an open world with real-time combat. The game offers PvE against massive world bosses, a storyline that promises multiple endings, and PvP gameplay with up to 100 players. There’s also customization for your characters and for their sci-fi motorbike because you have to look your best when facing a draconic apocalypse.

Dragon Raja is available for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store. A cinematic trailer is below. Okay, now you can leave.

source: official site and TGG via Reddit
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