2012’s Riders of Rohan expansion gallops to LOTRO’s Legendary servers in February

But special edition re-releases aren't on the table


Just last week I asked Justin how long he’d have to wait for his progression server toons in Lord of the Rings Online to get more content and push onward in the game’s paced storyline. Turns out not much longer, though longer than he’d hoped.

“The Riders of Rohan is currently planned to be released on the Legendary Worlds of Anor and Ithil in mid-February,” Standing Stone announced just ahead of the weekend. “We look forward to sharing more information with you in the near future.”

That apparently will not include the Rohan housing neighborhoods, as SSG RedPanda admitted in a separate discussion. Apparently, the studio is working on them, but they “won’t make it for the mid-February timeline.”

Interestingly, that thread also asks why SSG won’t just re-release the original special expansion versions for Legendary servers, thereby allowing Legendary players to use the associated mounts and cosmetics. In fact, some players say they’d pay full price or extra for the privilege. It’s not in the cards, however; RedPanda makes that clear:

“This is often asked for. We are legally unable to.”


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Roger Melly

I lost interest in these servers because of the rapid release schedule between one expansion and another . I know they have dialed back on it now but the damage was done by that point .


It’s the same for the EQ2 progression servers, I lost interest when I realized than in less than a year I would be already playing a version of the game I didn’t like

Fred Douglas

This is where I started to lose interest in the game. Even now, I do Warg Pens to get through Rohan, and Helms Deep. Gondor is more enjoyable to me, as is the new content. The Rohan content is just so boilerplate, not to mention the horrendous mounted combat. It’s really too bad, Rohan is my favorite thing in the books.