Dual Universe shares its latest narrative Tale and shows off community creations

Single-platform universe.

Sure, Dual Universe is mostly about building neat stuff and surviving the sandbox world of its sci-fi space, but it’s also got some lore to absorb. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the latest Tales from the Dual Universe chapter.

This bit of storytelling shares a journal post from one Josiah, who makes his way to meet an old friend at a Pioneering Entente complex on Symeon to hear a job offer. The entry describes what sounds like an impressive (and expensive in terms of resources, which is all I was thinking about) compound. The Pioneering Entente group described in the tale is a bit creepy, what with its members seeking to assimilate humankind and create a new home for humanity. It ends with an offer of a position of importance for Josiah, which could be tempting for someone who apparently has simply survived in the world.

Speaking of worldbuilding (or just building neat stuff like I alluded to earlier), there was a fun little community recap showing off some pretty impressive player creations if you’re more the visual sort. Now I just need to see someone build that Pioneering Entente compound as described in the story.