Inferna adds a new dungeon, balances combat, promises 2020 roadmap


So what’s new with the early access MMORPG Inferna, whose early access path we’ve been chronicling since November? Well, there’s an update that kicked out this past Saturday with a new dungeon and some new adjustments, which is said to be the start of various updates in 2020, according to developer Inferna Limited.

The most recent update has opened the gates to Zargan’s Dungeon, a level 45 raid accessible from the snowy region of the map. Clearing this dungeon will pave the way to a blacksmith who can upgrade items without destroying them, though failure will lower an item’s upgrade level by one. The update has also introduced equipment drops up to level 60 from appropriate monsters, doubled all monster damage as well as increased the base damage of all weapons, limited global chat to level 15 players, and made a number of bug fixes.

This patch is the latest in ongoing efforts by the devs to continue to improve Inferna. A press release from the devs admitted the MMORPG was “barely playable” at the start, with a host of bugs, poor class balancing (Warriors were reportedly capable of one-shotting other classes in PvP), and a lack of challenge in PvE encounters for max level players, which all culminated in a 31% rating on Steam. With daily updates, however, the team has brought its Steam rating up to 56%. Steamcharts further reports that average concurrency for Inferna at the time of this writing is at 245 players over the past 30 days. Its all-time peak was 847.

According to the press release, 2020 promises to continue to add features and improve the game. “With the introduction of a new dungeon, we want to expand our content and offer players new opportunities to design their gaming experience,” said Fabio of the Inferna community team. “However, this is only the beginning of what we have planned for this year. A roadmap with our goals and ideas for 2020 should be published soon.”

sources: press release, Steam (1, 2), Steamcharts
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I can’t get over how it’s a clone of Metin2, which has an Asian theme, but in Inferna, the buildings and names of NPCs are Asian, but the player and NPC models as well as gear look like from a Western game.

The rest is OK.

I made the mistake of making a Wizard. Turns out this class is the worst possible and you can barely play the game with it. I see a Warrior my level who effortlessly fights 10 mobs at once, I fight 3 at once (that’s how Inferna and Metin2 work – mobs are in groups of 3 – you attack one, all 3 jump you) and I barely survive the encounter, then I have to wait for my HP/MP to recover so I can fight, meanwhile that same Warrior has already killed another 40-60 mobs…

It’s basically a game about grind, just like Metin2, if you expect quests, story or something like that, this game doesn’t have it. It’s a game built around how well you can build your characters so it can grind more efficiently.

That’s it.

I think you should write some articles about Reign of Darkness:

That game deserves some recognition. It’s made by one dude who has worked on it at least since 2013 and on YouTube on the official RoD account you can see the developer creating the models of monsters himself. While other games rely on assets, like Inferna, Reign of Darkness is a diamond in the rough which doesn’t get enough attention.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

They already did an article about this game:

Probably they’ll do more if something news worthy happens about it.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Gave it a try. Long and short of it: It’s a badly designed game.

Wish them luck, they are going to need it.


Tried it but I can’t recommend spending any time on it as I don’t think it’s likely to rise above or fix it’s many flaws. Theirs nothing here that isn’t done better somewhere else.