Lost Ark Korea announces personal housing, genderlock removal, and battle royale as part of Season 2


The Korean version of Lost Ark is already gearing up for its next content in Season 2, and there sure is a lot coming. A special event in Korea was the setting for several reveals for the MMO.

One of the bigger ones for many fans is the removal of genderlocked classes, which finally opens up more character creation options. The classes are said to have a little variety between men and women, but otherwise things like male Battlemasters and female Devil Hunters will soon be a thing in the Korean version.

Do you like personal housing? How about your own entire personal island? The Expedition Territory serves as a character’s private estate and looks to be pretty customizable, with the ability to invite friends and NPCs once you’ve achieved a certain level of favorability, dress up those NPCs in different outfits, send them out to complete tasks for rewards, and build a variety of different buildings.

Yep, battle royale is coming. An island for this game mode will see players taking on one another as well as survive the threat of dinosaurs to become the last person standing. Typical stuff.

There are also a variety of other updates due to come to the Korean version as well, like improvements to life skills and sailing, additional difficulty levels for Guardian Raids, a new undersea dungeon with a new Guardian Raid boss, the addition of fortresses and castle sieges to the GvG battlefield, new Island War gameplay that lets players try to capture different islands as part of the guild capture system, two new classes, a new continent, and refinement of various systems like item farming, leveling up, the card system, and the UI.

Unfortunately, there’s still no precise word on whether Lost Ark is headed westward, but the end of genderlocked classes does seem to speak to presumed western sensibilities, so that might be one of the biggest clues yet (aside from job postings). For now, all we can do is look jealously at all that Season 2 will offer and cross our fingers.

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They’d better announce changes in combat. Despite the game’s ARPG-ish look – combat is slow, half of abilities have 15-30sec cooldowns and the whole thing feels more like a turn-based strategy where you run for 5-10 seconds while waiting for cooldowns, then strike few times, then run again.

Oleg Chebeneev

Just pick a fast paced class. There are varied classes for any taste

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Release … this … game .. in … the … West.

Please! :)

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agemyth 😩

Housing and gender options? Sounds like its time to let the west play :)