Magic to Master is a revived free-to-play MMORPG from 2009

Actual patch note: "Close contact with HeroEngine & IdeaFabrik, with 25% preliminary support"


Let’s take a look at something new, shall we? Well, “new” here meaning “a returning MMORPG from 2009” and not so much in terms of gameplay mechanics. All the way from Budapest comes Magic to Master, a revived free-to-play MMORPG that appears to be in an alpha state at the moment but is working on entering beta as fast as possible.

Formerly published by Laniatus Game Ltd., Magic to Master aka M2M has traded hands to business owners Tayfun Cicek and Muzaffar Aydogan, who aim to bring the MMORPG back in 2020. The game takes place in a remote world where “the forest hides secrets” and “the deads are not deads” according to the sizzle reel (OK, go easy on the translations). The game’s website offers a look at some recent updates made to the game, such as improved animations and optimizations to HeroClient – yes, you recognize HeroClient and HeroEngine from The Repopulation dust-up. The game is apparently partly supported by the IdeaFabrik conglom, as the patch notes indicate “close contact with HeroEngine & IdeaFabrik.”

The game is arriving to beta at some point soon, but it’s free-to-play now if you’re even passingly curious about this one. If you’re the sort of person who would like to support what the devs are doing to bring M2M back, you can throw a little money to its Patreon, which is offered at three different levels and unlocks various rewards and game access levels.

sources: official site, YouTube, Patreon, thanks to Jan for the tip!
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