Warframe talks about recent PC updates to improve the Railjack experience

Warframe talks about recent PC updates to improve the Railjack experience

Yep, Warframe is still very much about its space combat-minded Railjack content, specifically fixing and adjusting said content based on player feedback. The latest edition of the Remote Observer touches on a number of these tweaks for the PC version of the action title and explains some of the current design decisions.

First and foremost: Update 27.0.9 made some noteworthy changes such as reduced armor and slightly higher health for Fighters, the addition of Battle Avionics drops to Elite fighters as well as a marker to see the drops in deep space, doubled Asterite drop rates, and a UI element to track what crewmates are doing aboard your Railjack. As for why the team at Digital Extremes decided to increase resource drop rates instead of decrease resource costs, it came down to the complexity in changing database entries, which was described as a process that isn’t “graceful.”

The post also gives a nod to Nintendo Switch Warframe players patiently awaiting their opportunity to get a Railjack: Fans will be happy to note that the update has been sent out for certification and the team is awaiting results. As a thank you to Switch players for their patience, a 7-Day Credit Booster is being handed out to facilitate building a Railjack of their own.

Meanwhile, our very own MJ has decided to put the Railjack stuff on the shelf for a bit and progress in the Warframe story. You can check out her latest adventures below.

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