Here’s what’s changing in Dual Universe’s economy when alpha 3 launches


Let’s talk about money. Space money. Dual Universe dev Novaquark tweeted out a blog post that almost flew under the radar, and it shouldn’t be left that way because it’s all about the upcoming space MMORPG’s economy, more specifically what’s new about it in the plans for alpha 3:

  • Taxation – Money will be drained from the economy through a range of flat and scaling fees for trading and storing items on the market.
  • Market orders – These already existed, but now players will be able to tweak them for a few minutes without having to pay extra taxes or create them all over again.
  • Constructs – Players will now be able to buy and sell ships and other buildables through the bartering system with the use of a token system that freezes adjustments to the build and creates a physical key for the trade.
  • New materials – The team has replaced a bunch of ores, like lead and platinum, with new ones, including cryolite and pyrite. The ore tiers have also gotten a rework, refining now creates byproducts, and more pure gasses are available for crafting.
  • Recipes – Expect a bunch of changes to the crafting tree, including new parts and less-generic part names.

“We’re super excited for all these changes, and how they’ll mesh together to create a more substantial and enjoyable economic system,” the team writes. Alpha 3 is still slated for later this month.

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Sounds more and more like “EVE: The Next Generation” to me. I had been saying this should be one of the best games mmos when released and definitely the best space mmo


There are distinct differences between DU and EVE look at this video. Full disclosure I recruit for Infinity Corps and know the guy who did the movie from lots of peoples in game footage.


Yes it is starting to get really interesting, Alpha 3 will be fun!