Valiance Online, still gunning for launch this year, drops a brand-new flythrough video


Let’s not sugarcoat this: Valiance Online has almost been crowded out of players’ vision when it comes to the City of Heroes spiritual successors. At one point it rivaled City of Titans for everyone’s attention, but then Ship of Heroes blasted onto the scene full of pluck, and 2019 saw fit to give us all the actual City of Heroes back, or at least a close approximation of it. So it’s been frustrating watching Valiance Online seemingly slip behind.

But as you might recall, we chatted with a rep from the Valiance team last fall, learning that Silverhelm Studios considers the game in late alpha, with the goal of completing and launching the core game in 2020 so that devs can move on to expanding the world. And now we’re getting a peek into what that’s going to look like, as last night the studio tweeted for the first time since before Thanksgiving to reveal a new video for the MMO. The focus is on movement – everything from running and jumping to flying and crouching – plus the palm-tree-studded cityscape. It appears to be a lot further along than I expected, at least. Check it out below.

Source: Twitter
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