Darwin Project is basically reality TV battle royale, and it’s now launched on Steam

Darwin Project is basically reality TV battle royale, and it’s now launched on Steam

It’s been something like a year and a half since we last covered Darwin Project, but you’ll remember it as one of the many, many battle royales that cropped up in early 2018, driven forward by the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. The original quirk of this one was that it’s meant to be a science/entertainment show in a post-apocalyptic Northern Canadian Rockies setting, where the “show director” annoys “contestants” with things like “nuclear bombs, zone closures, gravity storms, and the power of their voice,” aided by the viewers, who can place bets on the winner and encourage hassling specific players.

The good news this week is that it’s fully live and in the wild as it rolled out to Steam – not in early access, but the real deal – on Monday. There hasn’t been a whole lot of hoopla for it yet outside of a chunk of streamers on Twitch, which probably explains the current numbers it’s doing, and of course a game like this needs a lot of people to stay fun, so it’s worth a peek to see where it goes. Oh yeah, and it’s free-to-play and on PC, Xbox, and PS4. Not too shabby.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Hikari!

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Game is basically dead.


Where do I find people who agree to finance software projects for years? At least mine isn’t as stupid as yet another BR game trying to compete with Fortnite.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

1616 peak doesn’t look like a dead game. Also it looks like it’s increasing on number of players. It’ll never be a top game, but maybe it’s too soon to judge if it’s dead?


I don’t care for the BR genre at all, but as someone that’s not the target audience, I think this concept is the most fun and interesting by far. But since I’m not the target audience, maybe me liking the idea is exactly what such a game doesn’t want.


“reality TV battle royale”

That makes me miss what SOS used to be until it turned into just a generic BR and then tried to go back only to die a sad (yet deserved) death.


Albion meets battle royale?