PlanetSide 2 patches in weapon changes and major shifts to continent lockdowns


The latest patch for PlanetSide 2 does not contain some of the database migration that was originally planned for the title. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it does contain several major changes to how a given faction locks down a continent and how strength is calculated, with the ultimate goal being to encourage control of key points and battle over important facilities to have a larger overall effect. So you’ve got more incentive to maintain links to Warpgates, retain the center base, grab major facilities, and so forth.

The patch also disables Koltyr for the moment and introduces a number of changes to weapons like the T7 Mini-Chaingun and the Proximity Mine, which should help shift the player decisions about which weapons are worth bringing out in a given fight. Check out the full set of patch notes for a detailed rundown of what you can expect when the game’s servers come back up from maintenance.

And don’t get your hopes up, but…