The Daily Grind: What are some genuinely creepy places in MMORPGs?

Looking for some HELL PIT, baby, this evening

I think I am well past the age and experience where a giant skull or red light streaming in through windows is going to convince me that a locale in an MMO is actually scary. So many Halloweenish symbols have become nothing more than tropes and signifiers that this is an “evil” place that is checking off boxes on its list of standard decor.

Yet I have encountered genuinely unsettling and creepy places in MMOs, and I assure you that none of them have bones covering the walls. The deep, dark silos of Fallen Earth still haunt me, as does the burnt shell of Secret World’s Black House.

It doesn’t have to be scream-out-loud scary, but have you ever encountered any creepy places in MMORPGs? What were they?

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Robert Mann

Creepiest places I have found in MMOs were not due to design… but due to people being certain they found themselves on Santa’s naughty list. :(


Not an MMO technically, but Conan Exiles has some genuinely creepy places – the dungeons in particular, although the misty haunted forests around the Mounds of the Dead and the Nameless City (esp at night) qualify too.

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I’ll add the treehouse in TSW to those areas already mentioned. Really, the game has a lock on creepy.


Is chat considered a place?
Thank goodness for the ability to hide the chat window.

Bryan Cole

The Dead Marshes in Lotro, plus the Mines of Moria, just purely creepy especially the further down you go in Moria. Old Forest used to be scary but they changed it and it’s not anymore.


While there are a ton of creepy places already discussed in tsw. I found parts of the carpathians are underappreciated in this regard. Something awesomely creepy about those cold war gas mask vampires.


There was this one place in Vanilla/Classic WoW that was a great area to cool off and hang with the boys.


In addition to the locations in TSW that has already been named, I’d like to add the Fear Nothing Foundation in Kaidan.
Oh, and the parking garages. All of them.

A couple of dungeons in FFXIV comes to mind, like Dusk Vigil and Tam Tara Deepcroft (Hard) – especially if you read the notes that can be found in those dungeons to find out some of what actually went down in the past.

In LOTRO we have the Fields of Fornost, and of course the black pool outside the west entrance of Moria. Not places you want to be in more than necessary.

Bryan Correll

The Atlantic Island Park and Black House from TSW have already been mentioned, and they’re practically across the street from each other. Then there’s pretty much all the ‘dream’ locations. And the “People are not for Sausages” Dimir farm. And plenty of others.


Several locations in SWL as mentioned by other posters here. Other than those, I’d say the high level infested missions in Warframe.