Warface: Global Operations is now available on iOS and Android


If you have ever found yourself twitching with frustration at work because you desperately need to go home and play¬†Warface, you should probably go to see a doctor about whatever deep psychological addiction you have because there’s no way that’s healthy. But on the plus side, you now won’t need to explain to your boss why you’re sitting there twitching, as the game can now be played on mobile devices running iOS and Android!

So instead, you can explain to your boss why you’re not working but are instead playing the game. Which will be its own problem.

Warface: Global Operations is a specifically for-mobile spinoff of the main game, offering two team-based modes to pit players against one another in a contest of eloquent and reasoned arguments represented by shooting at one another with detailed and realistic weaponry. There are five maps available at launch. If you’re a big fan of the shooter on console or PC, it will hopefully provide a pocket-sized portion of the same core gameplay.

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