Albion Online goes into detail on the hideout system arriving with the Queen update


Building a base of operations in an open PvP area is often a risky proposition, but the hideout system arriving to Albion Online when the Queen update goes live might be worth it for guilds that can afford to bring one online.

The latest dev update video goes into a significant level of detail about how hideouts will work, from the cost of building a construction kit for one (10 million silver and a whole lot of wood, stone, and siphoned energy) to the various benefits to the times when a hideout can be assaulted by aggressive players.

The main benefits of a hideout is a central location for guild members to flock to while in the Outlands, with features like crafting stations, a shared guild bank, and a home point at which to spawn on death. Hideouts can not only be a place for some conquest operations, but can even be opened up as trading outposts for other players to use.

Since hideouts are built only in PvP zones, there are points where they can become targets for other players. Luckily, taking out a hideout isn’t quite the simplest of tasks. Hideouts are most vulnerable at certain points during their construction and can be attacked only after they’ve been built under certain conditions. They also have a pretty hearty durability pool and a number of defense points. Additionally, attacking a hideout might not be the best proposition for a guild, as the hideout’s owners can pay an agreed upon tithe of silver to the guild controlling a region in exchange for not being a target for attack.

Make sure to take a look at the video below for all of the deep dive details. Additionally, the devs will be holding not one but two different AMAs this coming Saturday, January 18th, and Wednesday, January 22nd, at the MMORPG and Gaming subreddits regarding the Queen update.

sources: YouTube, Twitter

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