ArcheAge Unchained offers players another shot at the Diligence Coin Compensation Package

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No. You smell bad.

All right. So back in the long long ago (meaning a couple of months back, obviously) ArcheAge Unchained had a bit of a problem, and it offered players a Diligence Coin Compensation Package. That’s fine. Unfortunately, it turns out the compensation package also had problems with flagging people as eligible for the package incorrectly, not flagging people who were eligible, letting the package be claimed multiple times, and so forth. So now the compensation package is available again, two months later.

Players who successfully claimed the compensation back in the day should be ineligible to claim it again, so this is only meant for those who were eligible before but for whatever reason weren’t able to obtain a package at the time. Of course, given that this is the second attempt at offering this package, who even knows at this point? For that matter, we’re curious if there’s going to be a compensation pack separately offered for people unable to claim the prior compensation pack.


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Eugene Valentino

Been quite enjoyable and seems will last a lot longer.


I was just able to get a fourth ArchePass Boost, since I had applied my third one to a full track, so yeah, they’re fixing stuff! I’m actually quite amazed at this! Awesome game, by the way!


They don’t give up, do they?