Astellia Online plans January 30 Steam launch, teases future western content as Korean version sunsets


Raise your hand if you’d forgotten that Astellia Online wasn’t already on Steam. I sure had! But Barunson is rectifying that later this month. It’s just announced that the MMO’s Steam launch is targeting January 30th, following up the western launch last autumn.

“The Steam launch of Astellia will feature the same extensive content that has been part of the standalone version of the game. Players from the global communities will come together to provide everyone with robust gameplay opportunities across a wide variety of PvP and PvE content. Everyone will also be able to take part in January’s special events: Dogavi Crescent Event which introduces an event dungeon (similar in theme to the Dogavi Night Market), allowing players to earn Shining Merchant Coins and Holy Order Symbols! Taking Care of Pimpi Event: A Giant Spider Boss designed for a 12 person party has been added, allowing players to acquire a Legendary Treasure in exchange for helping Pimpi.”

The studio is likewise offering a peek at the future of the game, including 64-person guild battles, a new 12-person raid, new dungeons, a new Astel champion, and a new Astel equipment system. Either way, it’s all welcome news, given that Nexon, the game’s beleaguered Korean publisher, has literally sunsetted the game in that region as of today. Barunson, however, has since reaffirmed its commitment to the western version.

Source: Press release, Steam

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Chosenxeno .

Did they stay true to No Pay to Win?


I think I want to give this one another try sometime… my 10 dollar-for-a-month account expired before I played though, sigh.

Kero Kero

I heard someone else mentioned if you put 0 hours into it during that time then you can ask customer support to give you another month.


oh, cool, thank you I’ll try!