Destiny 2 introduces a tantalizing new mystery in the Corridors of Time


It would appear that there’s something afoot within Destiny 2 and its Corridors of Time location. A new quest that was stealthily introduced this week has players navigating a temporal maze for lore and possible answers.

It all starts with Osiris, his Sundial, and a new quest that asks players to explore the Corridors of Time. This location was a linear experience, but now a number of new routes have become available for players to discover. Accessing these routes is tied to a series of symbols found on Obelisks that are planted around several of Destiny 2’s planets, corresponding to symbols found beside doors in the Corridors of Time. Walking through the doors in the correct order opens up a special vault, each of which offers a special piece of lore.

The layers of mystery don’t stop there, however, as each of these vault rooms has hexagonal pillar groups that form a ring around another larger symbol on the floor. Stranger still, these pillars have varying heights, and some have additional symbols while others are blank. The vault also has a grave in the center, which some players may have some extremely spoiler-loaded thoughts on. That same Raid Secrets subreddit has also become something of a central location for players trying to unravel the mystery.

It doesn’t look like this side quest will end soon, as Bungie has sent out a teasing tweet that mentions the solution is “a marathon not a sprint.” This seems to suggest that more pieces of the puzzle are likely to be added over the course of the Season of Dawn.

sources: Reddit via Kotaku, Twitter

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Eliot Lefebvre
Eliot Lefebvre

Pfft, it’s obvious.

It’s Bungie? The solution is a marathon?

Get ready for some rampant AIs.


I tried to do some of this and figured out the obelisk/corridor thing on my own, but after realizing it’d take 19 consecutive hours of getting symbol combinations I gave up entirely. That goes right into the “wake me when you have the solution” bin and I went back to shooting things in the face.