Hearthstone previews Galakrond’s Awakening adventures, Overwatch brings on the Year of the Rat event


It’s time for Blizzard game news that doesn’t involve WoW! No, I’m not writing about anything new from Diablo III. That’d just be silly. No, this is regarding Hearthstone and Overwatch. Specifically, a closer look at the recently announced solo adventures coming with Hearthstone’s Galakrond’s Awakening expansion and the Lunar New Year seasonal event in Overwatch.

The most recent Hearthside Chat video offered a new look at the adventures coming with the upcoming expansion. I used “adventures” in the plural form because this time around, the story can be played from the viewpoint of both the League of Explorers and the League of E.V.I.L. That means 12 boss fights each for a total of 24 unique encounters. Beating the new adventure will grant players a 35-card Year of the Dragon mini-set including four new Legendaries, just in case having a narrative in your digital CCG isn’t really interesting to you.

As for Overwatch, today marks the start of the Year of the Rat with the return of the Lunar New Year event. Players can look forward to the usual assortment of new and returning skins for their favorite gun-toting characters, the return of Capture the Flag, and more. You can head to the event website for a look at everything that’s new this year.

“Celebrate the Year of the Rat with friends, family, teammates, and the rest of the Overwatch family! Lunar New Year 2020 is now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Brand new rewards are available this year, so don’t forget to log in from January 16 to February 6 to bring good fortune to your cosmetic collection.

NEW GAME MODE: CTF BLITZ – Capture the Flag returns to the Arcade for Lunar New Year! CTF Blitz is a modified version of Capture the Flag we’re introducing with the Lunar patch this year. The flags are much closer than before – they are at the locations that overtime games typically go to.
Instead of 3 captures, you need 6 to win!

WEEKLY CHALLENGES – Weekly Challenges are back for Lunar New Year, allowing you to unlock limited-time rewards by winning nine games.
Rewards include an array of player icons, sprays, and Epic skins!
Week 1: Monk Doomfist (Epic)
Week 2: Ancient Bronze Winston (Epic)
Week 3: Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball (Epic)

NEW COSMETICS – 4 Legendary Skins, Opera Brigitte, Face Changer Sombra, Mask Dancer Moira, Samul Nori Lucio, 3 Epic Skins, Player Icons, Emotes, Sprays.”


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