Neverwinter shares the lore of Infernal Descent’s Vallenhas and hosts a systems team AMA


So we already got a look at Neverwinter’s upcoming Vallenhas from a visual standpoint, but you have to figure that an entire location doesn’t get tossed into hell without some sort of story. Luckily, that story was recently shared for those who are interested.

The story of Vallenhas is a tale of woe, which should be obvious at this point. It all starts with a lord who sought spiritual assistance to stop a blight that befell his lands, his people, and his wife. He ended up making a deal with demons, then died after a long bout of madness, which soon caused a giant orb to appear in the sky that later tossed the area into the first layer of the Nine Hells. It’s not a snuggly story is what I’m saying, and players can tell their part of the tale once Infernal Descent goes live on January 21st.

If you don’t care about stories and instead care about Neverwinter as a game, then you’ll probably want to walk your way through a systems team AMA, which touches on a wide variety of topics such as module content features (which are not planned to be changed in the future due to development time), the possibility of adding difficult tiers to dungeons, when players can expect a new race or class (not anytime soon, but the team would love to), and thoughts on current class balance among other topics. It’s a fairly loaded thread, so set some time aside as you meander through.


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Malcolm Swoboda

The fact that there’s so few classes at this point for a D&D game is pretty damning itself.