Star Trek Online shares anniversary Task Force Operation details and some new mysteries


The 10th anniversary of Star Trek Online is coming soon and so have the reveals for what players can do in-game to mark the occasion. First on deck are some returning Task Force Operations and the introduction of a brand-new one.

Cryptic revealed that the anniversary update will bring Battle at the Binary Stars and The Mycelial Realm to the regular TFO rotation, each with its own advanced and elite versions. The devs also held a livestream showcasing a new TFO coming with the anniversary update called To Hell with Honor, which will see players taking down some moored Klingon ships from the 23rd century before they can be refitted with new technology. We’ve embeded the video of the full playthrough below; expect lots of phaser fire and the blowing up of things like buildings and walkers.

In other STO news, the efforts of players have yielded some intriguing fruit yesterday in the form of a static-filled voice log which is part of a series of potentially four more logs yet to be released. As one would expect, the static cuts in at convenient points to block out where this came from, but it does state that the person who recorded them is being given autonomy and instructions to share their “experiences.” The decrypted signal has also apparently led to a Klingon burial ground revealed today, which housed this tablet.

It would appear that the breadcrumb trail is ongoing, so perhaps keep your eyes on the STO Twitter account for further updates.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitch

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Din Djarin
Din Djarin

One would’ve hoped, the 10 year anniversary would bring with it a cleaner, more streamlined UI, maybe even something that more closely resembles LCARS from the shows.

But alas, it seems they are content with the same POS re-skinned UI they launched with 10 years ago.


…maybe even something that more closely resembles LCARS from the shows…

But, I thought you said you wanted something ‘more usable’??? ;)

Din Djarin
Din Djarin

“a cleaner, more streamlined UI”

Did not use the word ‘usable’. That’s your choice of word. It can “look” more LCARSy, and still be quite usable. My point being, the current UI overall has so many scattered systems, and has become overly cumbersome. An anniversary would be a great time for a proper revamp (not just a re-skin like they did a few years back)

I suppose next on my wishlist for the anniversary, is revamping the First City (Qu’nos). Granted, KDF has ultimately been shat on every step of the way since Day 1, but they have never been given a social hub revamp on the level of Earth Spacedock. Now would be the time…

I have spoken!

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Considering the hints….I guess my hope the anniversary ship being a romulan ship are dashed (since both factions can use rommy ships now)