Bless Unleashed plans a stress test starting at the end of January

Hot or not?

When is Bless Unleashed launching? It’s a perfectly valid question, and the official answer is still a coy smirk and a vague “soon” even as the game plans a stress test for its servers starting on January 30th. Notably, players are told that progress will carry over from the current beta into the stress test, so you won’t have to start all over; however, the post also reiterates that the launch will wipe all progress from the beta, so it’s clear that this is something for players to be thinking about.

The stress test itself will include a number of GM-run events, as well as giving players the chance to permanently obtain titles for testing which can be used in the main game. The official rationale for not wiping progress is simply that this allows the staff to test certain intended fixes to be sure that they’re actually working now, although they’re all on the back end and will require no client-sized patches. If you’d like to see about stressing those servers, of course, just mark your calendar for the end of the month.


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“permanently obtain titles”

translation: for the 12-18 months this thing lasts before they shut it down.