Final Fantasy XIV puts up its patch site, previews its next tomestones, and welcomes back old players


The next Final Fantasy XIV patch is scheduled for mid-February, but right now it’s still shrouded in mystery. Usually the launch of the patch special site offers some additional insight, but this time the special site is… well, devoid of anything save a list. So the mystery remains. We do, however, know that the patch is bringing a new set of tomestones, Allagan Tomestones of Allegory, and that concurrently means players will need to trade in older tomestones like Genesis, Mendacity, and (once the patch arrives) Goetia.

This does mark the first Allagan tomestone type that rhymes with Corey.

Of course, the patch should still be arriving in just about a month, so now might be a good time to get your friends back into the game and up to speed; the game’s newest Callback Campaign is running now until February 17th, and as always it rewards players who come back with easy access to new equipment and players inviting lapsed players back with currency to buy mounts. So everybody wins!

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