Last Oasis details how to find safety in the deserts of the survival sandbox


In any survival sandbox, finding safety is pretty important, whether you happen upon some form of shelter or cobble some together yourself. The in-development survival sandbox Last Oasis is certainly no different, but there are a couple of unique wrinkles that might make finding safety stand out from other games in the sub-genre, especially since the sun is always moving and making once habitable places uninhabitable.

Last Oasis will feature a couple of logout features that keep your character and your stuff safe, either by logging out after a delay with no enemies around you or by moving to the edge of an oasis. Both of these will bring your character and your walker out to a world map where you can travel to a new oasis. There are, of course, base-building features in the game, but what good is having a base if you have to keep moving? That’s where the base packing feature comes in handy, which lets players bundle up their base and their stuff for transport to a new oasis.

There’s other ways of getting safety, too, such as entering a clan-owned oasis. Owning an oasis as a clan doesn’t necessarily have to be an aggressive matter, as players who harvest resources in clan-held territory also grant that clan a part of their gathering. Clans can also collect some taxes from players that use a trading post on their land, so it might be worth it to create a place of shared safety. The developer video below offers a bit of a closer look at these systems in action.

If you’re not immediately familiar with Last Oasis, it’s a woodpunk survival MMO that arrived on to the scene a year ago. The game was supposed to head in to early access this past September, but elected to delay that launch twice, ultimately settling on the launch window of 2020’s first quarter.

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Am interested, now that Drifty Worlds is dead and Starbase is taking longer than expected.

Randall Kilgore Jr.

Been following these devs for 10 years now; They follow through on stuff, you just have to hang in there for the meme-ery that occurs along the way. ;)
Looking forward to someone at MOP streaming this game.

Toy Clown

The characters look awesome. I love the hairstyles and dark skin. They look like they belong in the setting! That’s becoming rare in today’s MMOs to see.

Jon Wax

Kinda want to play it


This all seems way too sensible for a survival sandbox game. A company realizing not everyone can have people online 24/7 to protect all their stuff, and that people don’t want to rebuild from scratch every time they log in?!

Seems like they’re doing the Atlas style of world with all the linked maps, minus people wrecking your ships while you’re offline. Definitely more interested in the game now.