Project Gorgon kicks off a new and improved Crafting Caravan event


The most wonderful time of the year for crafting-minded players of Project Gorgon is back once again. It’s time for the Crafting Caravan seasonal event, and this time there are a number of noteworthy improvements.

First off, Crafting Caravan 2.0 is bigger than before thanks to the quest system and NPC tech. There are five tiers each with different craft skill levels, though particular recipes won’t always fall into those individual boxes. There are also a couple of exceptions to the format, such as Alchemy only having tasks at level 20 and 40 or Jewelry crafting starting at tier three. That said, the event should help players level up their crafting skills.

There’s even something for players who have maxed out their crafting skills as well thanks to a new favor and barter system with Orran the Caravan Leader. This new addition lets top level crafters the chance to earn items like rare crafting materials and rare dyes. Earning Favor with Orran is a matter of completing different tiers of crafting tasks, with tier one earning five favor per completed task and all other tiers earning 10 favor per task.


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