City of Titans makes a small but significant change to the Avatar Builder UI


What difference can a slider bar possibly make? A pretty good one in the case of City of Titans, which showed off a tweak to the Avatar Builder UI earlier this week that should make some of its navigation a little simpler.

Previously, costuming thumbnails could be scrolled through with a horizontal scroll bar, which got the job done but got tedious when sections of the Avatar Builder had a large number of options. With the addition of a vertical scroll bar and a much larger preview window, players will have a much better view of their choices, making it that much easier to agonize over what to select in order to make your superhero look as good as possible. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there.

This small but impactful change to the UI will be part of a number of future updates made to the City of Titans Avatar Builder. Speaking of the Avatar Builder, you can get some of our earlier impressions from both Justin’s Into the Super-Verse column and from MJ’s stream, which is embedded below.


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I have so MANY issues with how that slider distributes weight for bigger mass characters. Its like they’ve never seen a fat person before.

The underwear looks weird too like its painted on not worn.