Ship of Heroes starts the year with a better engine and cat masks


When it comes to a superhero MMO, “fast” performance isn’t good enough. At least, it’s not good enough for the Ship of Heroes team, which recently upgraded the game’s engine to the latest Unreal Engine build for snappier response and other frills.

In the game’s latest letter, the devs reports that they’re making progress across the board: “We’ve made huge progress with animations […] We have the animations in place, mostly polished, for 18 full powersets.”

Other new additions to Ship of Heroes’ test build include more customization options (such as alien ears and cat masks), more interiors “so that no hero is stuck clearing out the same six warehouses,” and several new tracks of music. The superhero title is prepping an invasion beta event for the second quarter this year.


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Those interior shots are amazing, but they do kind of make the city shots look poor by comparison.

As for cat masks etc.. Neko chans are always a good thing lol