Star Citizen recounts development progress made in November and December


The end of 2019 was a loaded one for Star Citizen, with many of the fruits of that labor available in the latest alpha version. There’s been a lot more going on over at CIG these past couple of months, though, and the team is once again here to check in.

Among some of the updates still being worked out are AI behaviors for in-atmosphere and low ground flight, social AI behaviors, and tactical decision making for ground NPCs, specifically those with shotguns. There were also improvements to NPC visual cones in order to create a more rewarding stealth experience for players.

Over on the art side, work pushes forward on the Carrack, with more interior design and some slight trimming of the ship’s rear. There was also work done for the Behring P6-LR sniper rifle, a new Gemini C54 SMG, and two Tevarin weapons for the Prowler APC ship, which appears to be the next ship to release.

Level designers have also been busy working on the New Babbage landing area that will give ships someplace to land on the recently opened microTech planet and the new interiors of space stations. New Babbage is still on track for release in alpha 3.9, while space station interiors are described as having a long way to go before they’re considered finished.

There’s plenty of other development notes, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the roundup tracks two months’ worth of work, so get comfy as you read through the list.


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Alexus Yanova

Good progress but I will still wait for complete game before spending anything on it.

Roger Melly

I am sure they have made some progress but then again so would a snail that has been super glued to rubber .