Black Desert Mobile adds GvG Siege Wars and prepares for the arrival of the Sorceress class


It’s a bit of what’s new and a bit of what’s next for Black Desert Mobile fans as the latest update has brought new content for guilds and solo players alike and the mobile MMORPG prepares to bring the Sorceress class to the game with a pre-registration freebie.

First, the current update: Siege Wars have arrived to the game, granting guilds the opportunity to battle over the regions of Balenos and Serendia. Siege Wars are very much like Node Wars in that guilds have to go through a bidding process to participate. The top three bidding guilds will fight it out, with each side having to take out the opposition’s Holy Artifacts while defending their own. Rewards for victory are similar to the Node Wars as well, with the winning guild raking in silver from the region’s taxes. Guilds must be at least level 5, have more than 10 members, and own a node on tier 2 to bid on Siege Wars.

If you’re not in a guild, there’s something for you as well in the form of Asula’s Den, an action-packed side-scrolling activity with a boss fight at the end and a golden box full of goodies for the victorious. Players must have at least Black Spirit Level 30 in order to play Asula’s Den.

As for what’s next, the Sorceress is coming and so is her bag of dark magical tricks. This melee and ranged caster class will be arriving in a future update and players can register to get a notification for when she’s about to arrive; they’ll even get a free rewards coupon for doing so.

source: press release


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