Neverwinter’s Infernal Descent tabletop-inspired adventure is live on PC today

PWE and Cryptic have dropped some pretties for PC MMO fans today with the arrival of the Infernal Descent update in Neverwinter, this one tying into the Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus P&P adventure. Sorry, console folks; you’ll be waiting for your turn on February 25th.

“In Infernal Descent, Vallenhas Manor has been ripped from Faerûn and pulled into the fiery depths of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, during the ongoing conflict between devils and demons known as the Blood War. Players must team up with two new heroes, the Paladin Alric Vallenhas and the Bard Etrien Sael, along with heroes of yore for a grand adventure through the Nine Hells to save the people of Vallenhas Estate from the infernal machinations of the archdevil Zariel. As Neverwinter players descend into the fiery depths, they will experience a new endgame campaign specifically crafted for level 80 characters, a vast adventure zone with heroic encounters and a new challenging endgame dungeon set in a devil’s citadel right above Avernus. Other notable Descent Into Avernus-themed additions include unique story instances, new diabolical enemies, equipment, and more.”

Check out all our coverage to date, plus the new launch trailer!

Source: Patch notes, press release

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