Warframe previews Odalisk, promises to improve Kuva Liches


Warframe’s Devstream 136 was once more packed with plenty for fans of the action shooter to soak in. There was survey results to share, a new Frame concept to check out, some planned tweaks to Kuva Liches, details about armor scaling, concept art and faction refresh previews, Prex Cards; it was a really loaded broadcast as these things tend to be.

First off were those survey results, which tied down what players liked, didn’t like, and looked forward to in Warframe through 2019. According to the results, Empyrean was the most well-received update, with Kuva Liches being the least favorably received and repetition being the worst aspect of the game. As for what’s next, players appear to be ready for The New War according to a pie chart and more new content and fixes according a word cloud of responses.

On the subject of Kuva Liches, Digital Extremes is taking player reaction to heart and will work on improving the addition, with plans to remove the forced failure system, improve RNG in banishing a Lich and getting a desired weapon, and making thrall farming more rewarding. The team is also looking at feedback to further make Kuva Liches more fun for players. The devs are also considering some armor scaling adjustments to squish armor values. This adjustment will also feature some scaling of enemy damage output, naturally.

From there, the stream showed off a concept for a new Frame currently called Odalisk. This tech-based addition to the Warframe roster is planned to have abilities like a giant turret that deals more AoE damage the more enemies it hits and a fan of proc and CC grenades among other abilities. She’s still in the design stage, so things could be changing between now and her arrival.

The livestream further discussed other matters, such as some new design changes for some enemy factions, pieces of concept art that shows off an Infested mass that is floating in space (and has to be navigated around in a Railjack because ew), some upcoming Prex Cards for several Frames, and other smaller updates and previews. The full broadcast can be seen below.

source: official site, cheers Sophiskiai!

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