Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s dressed-up Valentione’s Day event

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around~

As it was in every prior year of Final Fantasy XIV, Lisette de Valentione has arrived once more to celebrate the holiday of Valentione’s Day with everyone in Eorzea. Unlike in prior years, however, this year Lisette has decided to make the event into a competition. Players will be tasked with voting between her three proteges – Astrid, Rorigault, and Bert – to determine which of the three gets to serve as the emissary of love for the lovelorn members of Eorzea’s communities.

By casting your allegiance with one of these three individuals, players will get an assortment of colored gear matching their chosen emissary. The gear is dyeable, however, so you can always switch your visible allegiance or just pick something wholly unusual like metallic purple. Votes will be conducted separately for each world, with the winner having a hand in which follow-up quests are available and potential rewards as well! It’s the most elaborate Valentione’s event yet, so get ready to vote on the true measure of affection on January 29th.


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Well I obviously will have to go with the blue one. I’d post a pic of my Miqo with his black hair with othard blue highlights but currently not at my home PC. :c

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Ysayle was right

They’re all dyeable and the page even tells you what dyes you can use to match the other sets exactly if you feel like it!


Yeah, I could tell the blue one was Othard Blue without even looking at the dye because I use it that much, lol.

Matt Redding

The Red/Blue/Yellow options make me think of a popularity contest about the Pokémon faction leaders … go Sparky!


Always loved SE’s commitment to making holidays, giving away fun stuff even if it was small.

Was a major collector of “crap” from holidays until my FC imploded. I was out of the country for a while and hadn’t played but thought ‘it’s ok, my apartment will just be packed up waiting for me at the concierge or whatever it’s called’….little did I know there was a time limit to that.

*poof* a years’ worth of hoarding vanished (my fault, not theirs obviously).

Since then, as much as I appreciate them providing that stuff, I don’t bother gathering it.