Temtem has had a bumpy but active early access launch


It’s the way of things when an MMO first launches to hit a variety of potholes along the way. So it was for Temtem, which arrived to early access yesterday and ran into all of the tripping points of most online game launches like server issues, bugs, hotfixes, and — more happily — a pretty active population.

For its part, the Temtem Twitter account has been extremely communicative, offering a variety of updates on several server restarts, acknowledgement of different issues, and even updates on making sure the team is fed (though its favored burrito place was closed, sadly).

As of this writing, the team is looking over bug reports and preparing another hotfix soon. The devs are also aware of an issue with apparently missing Tems, but the studio assures that those missing critters are still safe and it’s an issue between the client and the server.

These bumps along the way have apparently not cooled any excitement for Temtem, as Steamcharts is currently showing a 24-hour peak of 27,828 players and just under 23,000 players online at the time of this writing. All in all, it looks like this critter collecting MMO is having a decent early access.


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I’m hesitant to support any early access game, after being burned a few times, especially by a certain game that raked in millions of dollars, is still in Alpha, and is totes going to 1.0 eventually, guys.

But, Temtem is at the top of my list to try, once it’s gone gold.

I mean, since GameFreak and the Pokemon Company won’t make the Pokemon MMORPG, I’m happy we’re getting Temtem.


I’ve been keeping up with their twitter account since release and they’re constantly updating in minutes giving play by play of their current status and the fixes they’re working on, lot of respect for these developers and their transparency. It’s also heartwarming to see the overwhelming outpouring of support from the fans cheering them on in social media throughout all this.

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I hope they can nail the post-launch support, release cadence and tolerable monetization.

I’m tempted to jump in, but knowing the base game isn’t yet finished along with these other potential issues makes me want to wait and see.

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This is good! They’re not just throwing tons of servers at the problem, and while there’s still plenty of instability (not surprising) it seems that the queue system is mostly working as intended and that servers at least aren’t constantly crashing.

I’m waiting for the EA launch rush to pass but I do plan on picking it up and giving it a spin before the price starts going up.


I only logged on yesterday to make my character and reserve my name since I knew from the stress tests that it was gonna be bumpy. I heard its much better today, so im looking forward to putting some time in tonight. I just hope the devs arent pushing themselves too much, but im sure that’s unavoidable in a launch situation.