TERA is bringing Popori Brawlers to console and Ice Dragon mounts to the PC game store


Just because you’re a small, rotund, anthropomorphic animal thing doesn’t mean you can’t strap on giant gauntlets to your hands and punch the dickens out of monsters. Such is the world of TERA, which will be letting console players do just that with the arrival of Popori Brawlers on January 28th.

Just in case you’re not familiar, the Brawler is a tank class that (as its name suggests) uses a variety of punching attacks to waylay opponents, so if you’ve ever dreamed of tanking things as a small animal person, then you’ll soon get your chance. In addition, the upcoming update will let level 65 players explore the Antaroth’s Abyss dungeon and will introduce conversion items that let players create new Abyssal Pendant, Abyssal Earring, and Abyssal Ring items.

If you’re more of a PC player of TERA, then you can consider spending some money on the new Ice Dragon mounts added to the store. These mounts are described as the fastest air mounts in the game so far and restore either 1% or 2% of your HP and MP while you ride them depending on which variant you have. Pay to win? What’s that? This is totally pay to not die so you can win a fight later!

sources: press release, official site

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