Anthem extends the Icetide Season and fixes bugs in its latest update


Why bother making new content when you can just extend what’s running now? That looks to be the case for the latest update to Anthem, which simply extends the features of the Icetide Season and makes some bug fixes… and that’s kind of about it.

To be fair, the fixes and improvements are likely acceptable to many, such as reduced wait times for Time Trial races, adding Tyrant Mine to the seasonal Icetide challenge rotation, and a number of fixes to various issues. However, there’s nothing actually new in this update.

So perhaps that lends credence to the rework rumor? Well not so fast, friend, as there’s some fascinating tinfoil hattery going on in Reddit that surmises the Kotaku piece was actually part of a scam to bloat Black Friday sales of the game. As conspiracies go, it’s rationally written, but it’s still pretty heckin’ conspiratorial. Most people on the game’s subreddit appear to be fixated on disliking the Regulator Store.

sources: official site, Reddit (1, 2)
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