Here’s how Crowfall’s spellbook and passive skills are changing in the February revamp


Crowfall is back this week with another new dev diary, this one building on the UI changes coming in February (as detailed previously) with an explanation of the tweaks to the powers load-out. This is pretty much just a spellbook setup, where active and passive skills are stored. Initially, players were required to choose between equipping passives or actives skills from their book into their current slots, and let’s just say that players nearly always chose actives because we really, really like pushing buttons.

To counter that, ArtCraft is just giving you the passives for free, so you won’t have to choose them. Or not-choose them, as the case was.

“As part of the War of the Gods (5.110) update, all passive powers will be automagically equipped when they are granted. That’s right! You no longer have to choose between Class, Discipline or Race passives, and there is no maximum number of passives that can be active at a given time. Now, you will gain the benefits of all your passive powers as they are granted to you, offering a greater variety of stats and powers to use in the different situations you may encounter in the Crowfall worlds. We also went through and evaluated each Race on what, how many, and type of passives they were being granted. Anywhere we found a race lacking we went ahead and added shiny new passive powers to their race kit. (I won’t go into too much detail as that is a story for another update!)”

That all comes hand-in-hand with the new spellbook design itself, which includes separate stealth and ranged tabs.

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