Star Trek Online’s 10th anniversary Omega Event features a change that angers players


As the 10th anniversary of Star Trek Online continues to loom large, more details continue to release about what events players can look forward to. One of them has again been revealed in the form of the 10th anniversary Omega Event.

If you’ve played the Omega Stabilization daily quest before, then you know the drill with this year’s anniversary version: Visit three different zones, play a minigame to stabilize Omega Particles, and get high scores to earn items to craft Omega Particle tech upgrades. The higher the score, the better quality Omega particle remnants you get, and completing the minigame will get you an Omega Trace at the very least. In addition, players will be able to earn themselves their very own Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser by taking part in any anniversary events like the Omega Event over the celebration’s 30 days.

What’s different this year is that all Omega materials will be bind-to-account instead of tradeable, and that has a number of fans upset. The largest complaint is that this adjustment puts off players who don’t have the time to play the Omega daily mission on a regular basis.

In other STO news, the devs have had to confirm that console players will see a delay to the Breach Event, with PS4 players seeing the event today and Xbox One players getting it on Friday according to the most recent tweet. There’s also another step in the continually unfolding mystery that has been playing out on social media and the game’s official site.

sources: official site, official forums, twitter (1, 2), thanks sophiskai!

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Castagere Shaikura

Does any else miss when you could run a mission to get the anny ship?

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Personally I dont mind omega particles being bound to account since i prefer the pheonix upgrades. I never could farm enough omega upgrades to make a big difference in rarity procs, but i could farm dilithium all day for pheonix packs.

Aaron Weddle

There is a QR code in that image broken into pieces


Welcome to Cryptic. They’ve been messing thing’s up with STO since day one.