The second season of ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass begins today


The never-ending saga of ArcheAge Unchained and its beleaguered ArchePass continues as this week Gamigo announced yet another round of changes for the system coming with its second season. Notably, the studio is reducing or removing a bunch of the kill quest requirements, along with the socket quest, on the grounds that they were too expensive, too grindy, too labor-intensive, or punitive for support classes. There are also 19 new additions, from synthesizing equipment and opening coinpurses to basics like using labor and earning experience.

Rewards changes are also on deck. “With the ArchePass Season 2, we have some great rewards as well as old favorites such as the usual Honor and Vocation Pots as well as the Diligence Coin rewards, Gamigo writes.

“For the Vocation ArchePass, the grand prize for completing the pass is the Rabbit’s Foot Uniform. For those of you with Premium, throughout the pass there’s the Fae Yata Chroma – looking so devilish never felt so good – as well as the Dogeza bow emote. There’s more than that, but let’s keep some of it a surprise! For the Equipment ArchePass, the grand prize is the adorable Baby Penguin! For those of you with Premium, throughout the pass there’s the Fae Greenman Chroma. Hey, maybe you don’t like Yatas, who knows? Alongside that, there’s also Charming Dance emote and many more! Lastly, for the Combat ArchePass, the grand prize is the prestigious Triple Engine Hot Air Balloon, reach for the sky! For those of you with Premium, you can earn the mootiful Blooming Spring Cow Chroma and the Elegant Dance emote! There’s way more than that, but let’s leave those as a surprise too!”

The season should be live with today’s game update.

Source: Patch notes

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Is there ever news on this game that isn’t related to the ArchePass?


Really happy with how AAU has been turning out. I wish AA was Unchained form the beginning.