Bless Unleashed shares open PvP changes and casts a spotlight on the PvP-minded Court of Ravens Union

We built a very good house or something.

Around mid-December, the devs of Bless Unleashed explained that the game’s open PvP was due for some changes and outlined a few of them. That conversation continues with additional details about which areas are safe zones and how the game’s Notoriety system will work.

A number of main quest hubs and major cities will be non-PvP areas as well as a 15-meter radius around Soul Pyres — that much was elaborated on before, but players can now know specifically the locations that are free from open PvP including all of the Carzacor Plains, Navarra, and the Gnoll Wastes among other locales.

The post then goes on to explain Notoriety (the new name for Karma), which comes in seven levels, each with benefits such as stat bonuses and restrictions such as grouping limitations and whether players or NPCs can attack you. The post also explains how long it takes for each level of Notoriety to drop to level zero, the number of Notoriety Points to reach each level, and approximately how many kills it takes. Notoriety will also drop when players kill Notorious players, and a Fame system will be introduced as incentive for players to hunt rampant PK’ers. There also will be a cash shop item that will let players drop their Notoriety.

If you think you’ll be among those running around looking to pick unsolicited fights with people in the open world, consider joining the Court of Ravens, the third Union of Bless Unleashed that offers member perks like PvP combat stat bonuses, ways to increase or slow your Notoriety gain, and the ability to dodge more frequently than others.

source: official site (1, 2)

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