Grimdark MMO Mad World resurfaces with new updates and explanations for alpha delays


You folks remember Mad World, right? The isometric, grimdark Jandisoft MMO that’s missed several testing and Steam deadlines now? Back in November, the team said it had gone radio-silent with players as it worked things out with Netmarble, which is slated to publish the game globally. A lot of folks in our comments back then thought the game was toast.

But as it turns out, the promise that the team would be posting again when it could is now being met, as Jandisoft has returned this week with a development update and a vow to “post this sort of dev letter more often.” There’s quite a bit in there, including some clips from the companion-like pets, facial expressions, the traveling meter, and Dawn, the character who follows your memory-addled character around (it’s a bit Planescape: Torment-esque). It also suggests there was more to the delays than just Netmarble’s intervention.

“In the last alpha, we focused more on giving each map unique personalities to it in terms of stories, looks, mood, and people living in them,” the studio explains. “However, they had little relation to your journey to regain your memory. The new version we are working on right now will focus more on that early in the game. This was also the main reason why the next Alpha test was pushed back. Hopefully.”


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That was a cool little get game when I tested it. Lets see if they can resume developing – it was(and I guess still is) under NDA but generally I will say it looked ahead of its schedule for an alpha version – was quite playable


“This was also the main reason why the next Alpha test was pushed back. Hopefully.”

I thought, why would the team write that this was the main reason the next Alpha test was pushed back “hopefully”? Was the person writing the explanation note just guessing?

Then looking at the source page post, I’m not seeing “hopefully” there at the end. So it’s not actually part of the quote or stuff they wrote :P

Guess it was a funny little error in this blog post here, though it would have been really amusing if the team had really written that.

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Promises to post more. Exciting.