Inside Star Citizen discusses miroTech’s moons and shows off the Cutlass Red space ambulance


The first Inside Star Citizen of 2020 is here, and it’s a compact little bundle of new information for players of the developing sandbox. In this edition, we have the first look at the process of making the moons that orbit the planet microTech and a look at the next flyable ship, the Cutlass Red rescue vehicle.

microTech will feature a new challenge for the devs at Cloud Imperium Games, as they are being asked to create three moons — Calliope, Clio, and Euterpe — within the first quarter. The team’s new V4 planetary tech engine will likely streamline the process, but the devs also seem to appreciate that there is pressure to make it happen. Inside Star Citizen looks to chronicle the process of getting microTech’s moons to the game over the next few episodes.

The video then moves on to the Cutlass Red, which effectively is an ambulance spaceship. The Cutlass Red represents the first rung of medical gameplay, with features that allow players to use the ship as a respawn location and medical beds that allow injured players to get healed. The healing mechanics appear rudimentary at the moment, but the ship could also present another unique tool for group-focused gameplay. And, yes, it has lots of flashing lights for those who want to live out their ambulance driver fantasies.

The full video, as always, is embedded below.

source: YouTube

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The ambulance has a respawn point, has a long range search and rescue suite and heals minor wounds. It’s amazing that the game doesn’t advertise yet it continues to get lots of new backers. Really glad they are taking their time with the game. A few more years to go.


Working medical beds are a big deal for player-run events. For example, there’s the Daymar Rally, an overland event on (wait for it…) the moon of Daymar. 360 km cross-country race with armed vehicles. :)

Without something like the Red, dying meant having to fly all the way back to Daymar from the closest station. Now, the organizers can have a few at the checkpoints, or at the start and people can get back much more expeditiously.

Or for any large-scale group PvP event, etc. It’d have its uses in PvE (hello, bunker missions, or the 890 Jump boarding mission), but mostly I think it’s a boon to player events.

If only the Cutlass didn’t have those darn “backwards” front fins and claw-things… Ah, well.

Tee Parsley

Star Citizen’s everything-is-marketing continues to sell The Dream….


Star Citizen could make another fortune from selling in-game space graveyard slots to players who will die before the game release – statistically 20-30k backers are already dead and I bet substantial part of current 2 millions backers will be there. If not all.


Chris Roberts is 51. He might be planning to stretch it out till retirement at this stage.


Outer Worlds, is that you?

Joe Blobers

Statistically 62 millions people died per year, all with their own hobby, family and job… 49% over 70 years or older, 27% between 50 to 69…. a fraction pledged to SC.

Meanwhile 148 millions birth per year which means at the end… more backers not less:)

May be by SQ42 Beta, EA will be able couple years away from releasing a finished Anthem or Bethesda a Fallout 76 version which is not a slap in gamer community face?

That said Cutlass Red is a nice phase 1 addition to gameplay. CIG will do add new phases as they did with mining. We should get in 2020 Tier 2 medic gameplay with, why not, Apollo triage.

Body dragging added to roadmap will help achieve attached gameplay picture.

Medic Cutlass Red.jpg