Fractured plans another alpha test for late February


It’s been a while since we last checked in with Fractured, so let’s see what this indie MMO project is up to these days! Well, it turns out that the small team is hunkered down and preparing for the next alpha test, which is slated for late February. However, a short “open test” demoing the new features of the build will go live before then.

So what are these major features coming with the next Alpha 2 test? How about some parties and guilds to shore up the social aspect of the game? Seems like those are pretty essential features, so good to see them arriving here. The test will also include land claim sharing, the open-world dungeon Vale of Shadows, shields, terrain shaders, server improvements, and enchanting.

“Enchanting is one of the key parts of equipment progression and customization. It allows you to add modifiers to a piece of equipment in a predictable way, with a minor RNG component,” the team said.

Source: Fractured

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This is a Kickstarter I decided to support *without* being confident of the team or that the game would fully come to fruition. I didn’t think negatively about them either, I simply didn’t know one way or the other. I liked the idea of what they were proposing so much that I took a chance. I wanted to help it become a reality if that was possible.

It’s going along a bit slower than we would have imagined, but that’s okay, as long as it’s still going along :D

I’ll be bummed if this one doesn’t make it in the end. I won’t care about the money I lose, I don’t pledge more than I am willing to lose, but if it doesn’t make it I really will be let down that the game and features that they had proposed to us didn’t happen.

I do wish they ended up with a lot more money in their Kickstarter than they got as that can affect the game quality and some of the development time. I’m still definitely willing to wait and all, and will be keeping my fingers crossed this one continues along and makes it in the end.


I did have some trust in them when I pledged cause I knew the work 2 of them put voluntary on Linkrealms MMORPG. It was basically the best UO-like I played and had option for PVP or PVE server as well. Unfortunately the owning company wasnt too dedicated on promoting the game and since they were mainly volunteers they left. Shortly after that company shut it down