Tree of Savior announces plans for a new server and a team name reset


Has it been some time since you booted up Tree of Savior? You might want to consider doing that if you’re attached to your team name (aka the last name shared by every character on your account) as an upcoming team name reset has been announced, along with plans to open a new server.

This name reset only affects players who haven’t logged in for a year from January 28th, 2020 — if you’ve logged in at some point between then and January 28th, 2019, then you’re fine. The name reset is part of larger plans to open up pre-registration for new worlds. Details on these new worlds and the pre-registration event will be announced soon.

In the meantime, the game’s most recent update has closed a couple of seasonal events, put up some bundles for sale in the TP Shop, and made a couple of fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)

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I jump in here every now and then but I’m surprised to see a mention of a new server. I’m not max level so that may be my issue but I hardly ever see other players outside of towns.


I’m confused. They merged the servers not that long ago, did the game pick up a lot of population since then? I wasn’t under the impression that it did.

My Team Name got screwed up in the merges anyway somehow or for some other reason. I didn’t really care because every time they update the game, I would have serious issues trying to get the game to launch. They use programming techniques that the virus scanners don’t like, and they don’t submit their files to be cleared through the big paid antivirus companies.

Basically, if you use any of the best paid virus protection out there you can’t play the game because they’re too lazy or inept to submit their files and get them cleared after updates.

I don’t know if they’re sneaking files around in different places on your system or what, but even whitelisting in both the virus scanner and the firewall doesn’t seem to help and that’s fixed every issue I’ve ever had with other games. Even though those issues are almost unheard of these days in the top couple of paid antivirus programs, Tree of Savior is still one of the games that has them.

As I said, they don’t submit their files to get them cleared like other companies would do if they had issues. A few minutes to upload the files to the biggest paid antivirus companies to clear the files that would help many thousands of players who would be able to play the game otherwise and they just won’t do it. Do I really want to fight to play a game where they can’t even do that for us?

This was always a problem with the game, and I look at the discussions and it still is one. Same old company. Sorry guys I like your game but you just still haven’t got it together with the antivirus issues after like at least 4+ years now? And it just kills the population of people who’d play it otherwise. I really must roll my eyes at them.


I think the Korean version is testing personal housing