Guild Wars 2 touches on Raven Portals and hidden events in a livestream

Sure, that makes sense.

The most recent episode of Guild Chat from Guild Wars 2 perhaps wasn’t too revelatory, but it did touch on a couple of things that are arriving with the Shadow in the Ice episode tomorrow, mostly regarding a couple of new features.

For one, the stream touched on Raven Portals, explaining that they operate similarly to Mesmer portals in that one player opens them and others can pass through it, gaining a buff in the process. There will also be a new large tier of essence chests on offer for players, which can be opened by those who have the related tier 2 mastery, but they won’t be getting the best rewards from doing so.

Shadow in the Ice will also introduce new achievements for existing strike missions, bring some new updates to the first part of the map as well as open the full map to those without episode 1 (just not offer those players the related story missions), and add a hidden mechanic to events that unlock more challenging events and steps if the right requirements are met.

Additionally, there’s some new music to listen to, a preview of some of the new armor embedded below, as well as this new player guide video for those who just happen to be getting their feet wet. Basically, plenty of video goodness to look over just after the cut.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Reddit (1, 2), Twitter
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