Mobile MMO Roundup: TERA Frontier’s new name, Aion mobile improves events, MapleStory M’s new hero


Hi there! Would you like some mobile MMORPG news? Don’t worry, they’re hors d’oeuvre-sized, just like the games themselves. Have yourself some of these nibbles:

  • TERA Frontier has a new name and a new logo. It would now like to be known as TERA Hero. That’s basically all that’s changed here, really.
  • Aion: Legions of War is promising to improve its events structure with a new elemental rotation to events and a host of other adjustments based on player feedback.
  • The Darkest of Times Brilliant event kicked off last week in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Players can get unique Registry Pages, new Brilliant Foundables, and engage in Special Assignments until the 28th, while part two will launch in February.
  • Finally, MapleStory M has offered up a new update that brings the legendary hero Shade along with a variety of events in support of both his arrival and the Lunar New Year.

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